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He uri o Bernard Ogilvy

Eliza Jane Boyce marries Walter William Muir Ogilvy in 1893. They begat Lionel Victor Ogilvy (1894-1973), Raymond Airlie Ogilvy (1895-1972), Walter John Ogilvy (1897-1977), BERNARD JAMES OGILVY (1898-1941), Claude McDonald Ogilvy (1904-1992) and William George Ogilvy (1909-1987).

Bernard James Ogilvy was born in Rawene in Tai Tokerau in 1898. He lied to fight in World War I and again to re-enlist for World War II. Later he was to succumb to his war wounds May 9th, 1941 in a German POW hospital in Greece. He was 42 at the time.

Bernard James Ogilvy was survived by his brothers Lionel Victor, Raymond Airlie, Walter John, Claude McDonald and William George as well as his parents Walter William Muir Ogilvy and Eliza Jane Ogilvy. He had no immediate family of his own. My father now bears his name.

The following excerpt is courtesy of the Auckland War Memorial Museum. Many of our fallen are recorded there. Please resist any ongoing attempts to drop the "war memorial" tag from this Museum. The many dead on the plaques within its walls will thank you:

Rifleman Ogilvy was 18 years when he first enlisted. He was a country boy and it would appear he did not respond well to military descipline as he spent sometime in the Field Punishment Centre. However not knowing the background to the offence (insubordinate language to his superior officer) it may well be that he had cause. (Taken from a letter to the Armoury Manager from Mr D Ogilvy, dated 17 February 1999)

Military service: Rifleman Ogilvy entered camp on about 26 July 1917 and served 145 days within New Zealand, and 1 year 220 days overseas.

He eventually returned to New Zealand on 21 July 1919, having left England on 23 June 1919 in Waimana.

Family history research revealed that James put back his age so that he could enlist again in WW2. Private Ogilvy was admitted to a Greek Hospital on 26 April 1941 and a German POW Hospital on 6 May 1941. He died as a result of the gunshot wounds suffered near Corinth Greece at the NZ POW Hospital Corinth.

He recorded his birth date as 14 July 1899 to enlist in WW2. Name spelled as Olgilvie on the Waiotemarama memorial. Next of kin listed in the Auckland Museum. Roll of Honour, Auckland Province, 1939 - 1945 with the address Takapuna, Auckland AWMM