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He uri o Claude Ohehi

Eliza Jane Boyce marries Walter William Muir Ogilvy in 1893. They begat Lionel Victor Ogilvy (1894-1973), Raymond A Ogilvy (1895-1972), Walter John Ogilvy (1897-1977), Bernard James Ogilvy (1898-1941), CLAUDE McDONALD OGILVY (1904-1992) and William George Ogilvy (1909-1987).
Claude McDonald Ogilvy marries Beulah Ernstine Cook (1912-1982) in 1932. They begat DAVID LANCE OGILVY (1933 ) and RICHARD JOHN "Jack" OGILVY (1935 ).
David Lance Ogilvy married Maureen Anne Roud (1933 ) in 1958. They begat Iain Thornton Ogilvy (1960 ), Helen Anne Ogilvy(1962 ) and Jane Elizabeth Ogilvy(1967).
Richard John "Jack" Ogilvy married Pauline Mary Scrimgeour (1942-2018) in 1962. They begat Tania Marion Ogilvy(1963 ) and Russell Grant Ogilvy(1966 ).
Iain Thornton Ogilvy married Kathleen Mary Murphy (1960 ) in 1984. They begat the following:

Luke Ogilvy(1985 )
Clare Ogilvy(1987 )
Tania Marion Ogilvy married Paul Stephen Hogan (1960 ) in 1987. They begat the following:

Jessica Jade Hogan (1991 )
Joshua Paul Hogan (1995 )

Tania remarried to Michael (Mick) Ronald Grounds in 2017.
Helen Anne Ogilvy married Robert John Lynam (1959 ) in 1982. They begat the following:

Adam David Lynam (1984 )
Sara Anne Lynam (1986 )
Emma Lily Lynam(1989 )

Helen and Robert separated in 2002.
Jessica Jade Hogan married Grant Wilson in 2015. They begat the following:

Fletcher James Wilson (2016 )
Parker Nate Wilson (2018 )
Jane Elizabeth Ogilvy married Jonathan Andrew Berlin (1970 ) in 2001. They begat the following:

Jessica Anne Berlin (2002 )
Russell Grant Ogilvy married Irma Caterina Ravagli in 2007. They begat the following:

Gianluca Claude Ogilvy (2009 )
Claude McDonald Ogilvy remarried to Harriet Emma Watkins (1918-2004) in 1992. Harriet was a widow and formerly Mrs Walter Diamond. Both Claude and her were descendants of Te Rarawa Chieftainess Te Ruamamao. Claude crossed over in 1992 in Kaikohe. He was originally born in Rangiora, Opononi in the Hokianga. Harriet crossed over in 2004. Claude lies at Pakanae urupa, Ripeka at Rangi Point. Moe mai ra, whanau, moe mai ra.