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In due course this section will expand to include our Scottish side and other relevant geneaologies. For the novice (which includes myself) it is important to understand whakapapa can and do differ in terms of generations, tipuna, arranged order, events and even gender across whanau, hapu and iwi. Entire generations can be skipped. I mention this to explain some of the subtle and not so subtle differences one encounters.

Lastly, for whanau whakapapa especially this Century I haven't entered the names and/or dates of childless marriages as the focus is on uri (descendants). This is not to belittle past relationships but rather to keep focused on our whanaunga far and wide. I trust to your understanding on this. No reira, a fin Ogilvy whanau! A Fin!

→ Te Rarawa whakapapa
An updated Te Rarawa whakapapa for the Ogilvy whanau following the advice of Paul, Te Rarawa representative well-versed in whakapapa who has kindly taken the time to go through our genealogy and patiently provide corrections. Nga mihi nui matua!

→ Te Rarawa whakapapa (plain)
Same as the above but without any comments.

→ Ngapuhi whakapapa
Our Ngapuhi whakapapa which traces from Kupe down to the three sons.

→ Raukawa whakapapa
This is the whakapapa for uri o Bernard raua Raye Ogilvy tracing back to the Tainui and Te Arawa waka.

→ Anderson nee Hoterene whakapapa & mihi
Hinemaru whakapapa for Warwick Ogilvy through his birth father's descendants