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The Three Sons

This page documents the descendants from the three grandsons of Eliza Jane Boyce and Walter William Muir Ogilvy on our side of the Ogilvy whanau: Earl is the oldest son, followed by Bernard (Bernie) then William (Bill).

Earl Ogilvy
Earl was married to Joyce Anne Blythe (1966) who bore him two children: Darren Earle Ogilvy (1966) and Kathryn Anne Ogilvy (1968).
Darren marries Rose Sharp (1992). They had four children:

Nathaniel Miles Ogilvy (1993)
Darius A. S. Ogilvy (1994)
Caleb Connor Ogilvy (1999)
Aroha Rose Ogilvy (2001)
Kathryn marries Christopher Simpson (1987). They had three children:

Elisha Dawn Simpson (1989)
Carlin A. L. Simpson (1991)
Hannah May Louise Simpson (1993)
Darren is now happily accompanied by Jacqueline Henzer.  
Earl was married to Marcia Ann Brown (1972) who bore him four sons: Scott Earle Ogilvy (1976), Roger Kyle Ogilvy (1977), Curtis John Ogilvy (1981) and Fletcher Murray Ogilvy (1987).
Scott marries Anna Louise McAuliffe (1999). They had three children:

Ryan Ogilvy (2005)
Samuel Ogilvy (2007)
Isaac Ogilvy (2010)
Roger partnered with Lisa Pham. They had two children:

Scarlett Ogilvy (2008)
Lucas Ogilvy(2009)
  Roger and Lisa seperated in 2017
Curtis marries Rachel Elizabeth Esperson (2002). They had three children:

Zachary Ogilvy (2003)
Casey Ogilvy(2008)
Lexi Ogilvy (2014)
Fletcher Ogilvy had a daughter:

Rebecca Stevenson (2006)
Curtis and Elizabeth separated in 2017  
Earl married Judith Anne Norris in 2003. They are happily married and semi-retired.


Bernard Ogilvy
Bernie married Doris Raye Robinson in 1965. They had Erin Ogilvy (1966) and Jason Ogilvy (1969) and later adopted Warwick Ogilvy (1970).
Erin Ogilvy was married to Chris Lapish. They had three children:

Petra Lapish (1997)
Jordan Lapish (2000)
Joshua Lapish (20032003)
Jason married Pauline Zijderveld (1993). They had three children:

Zachary Ogilvy (1997)
Luke Ogilvy (1999)
Anika Ogilvy (2003)
Warwick married Carol Nevill (2010). They had two children:

Malachy Ogilvy (2010)
Samuel Ogilvy (2012)
In 2017 Erin remarried to Martin Alexander. They live happily in Tamaki Makaurau.    


William Ogilvy
William (Bill) married Susan Kaye McClure (1968) who bore him four children: Brendon Ogilvy (1971), Mark Ogilvy (1973), Jared Ogilvy (1976) and Renee Ogilvy (1978).
Brendon married Cynthia Foris (1993). They had two children:

Joshua Ogilvy (1995)
Caitlin Ogilvy (1999)
Mark Ogilvy
Jared Ogilvy married Rosalie Smith (2004). They had two children:

William Ogilvy (2010)
Christian Ogilvy (2012)
Renee Ogilvy marries Shane Ryland (2000). They had two children:

Kayla Ryland (2006)
Jedd Ryland (2009)
Susan Kaye McClure passed away in 2005. Bill married Delwyn Forlong in 2006. They are happily married in the BOP.